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A comprehensive home inspection by Hamachek Home Inspections, includes the following readily accessible components:

  • Roof- vents, flashing, gutter and downspouts, chimney, skylights and other roof openings.  
  • Grounds/Landscaping- decks, porches, driveway and sidewalks, also grading and drainage.        
  • Foundation- basement or crawlspace
  • Attic space- (House and garage) ventilation, insulation depth, roof underside, wiring, exhaust and heating runs
  • Plumbing and water heater- fixtures, drains, supply lines, and main shut off 
  • Fuel system 
  • Heating and cooling systems
  • Electrical service- wiring, main electrical panel and sub panels, outlets and light fixtures
  • Interior structure/living space
  • Garage- door openers and auto sensors, electrical service, service and overhead doors, electrical
  • Home exterior- wall covering, windows and trim, doors, and much more.          


Pre- and post-sale inspections are included in our range of services, with complete inspection report given at the end of inspection. Pictures of major problems are included in the final report. Most inspections are completed in about 3 hours.  Customers are encouraged to attend and participate in the home inspection process.

Other services offered by Hamachek Home Inspections.

Radon gas testing.
The lenght of the radon gas test is about 48 hours. The test results in most cases, same day as end of test. No waiting for test results to come back from lab.

What is radon gas?
Radon gas is an odorless, tasteless gas.That naturally occurs as Uranium or Thorium decay in the ground. Radon gas is the second leading cause of lung cancer, behind only smoking.

Radon gas normally enters a home through pores and cracks in a concrete foundation, or through poorly ventilated crawlspaces, particularly those with exposed dirt floors.

1 in 15 homes has a concentration of radon that is higher than the EPA'S action level of 4.0pCi/L.

For more information about radon gas. Check out the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) web site.

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